Fundraising For The Food System is a tool for regeneration. Regeneration of the soil, regenerative economies, and thriving, connected communities. It forms part of The Good Food Network portfolio and aims to reinvent the food system by empowering small scale producers, ethical food businesses, and natural product suppliers to gain investment and market share. Its implementation is based on the crowdfunding concept of raising financial contributions from a large number of people.


The Good Food Network originated as a mapped directory of the local, organic, ethical food sector to empower the public to make choices that support their health, the earth, and their communities. It has now expanded into and online marketplace where businesses and producers can have their own microsite online stores and we are proud to now add this fundraising platform as our next tool to invigorate a regenerative and fair food system. The Good Food Network in all its endeavours is a protagonist of food sovereignty which means that people are able to exercise their choice about the food they eat, how it is grown, where it comes from, and how it is traded.